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4,5 sterren uit 45 beoordelingen
11 aug 2019 om 21:12 Delicious pizza again. Although, I think my first vegan pizza was missing the vegan cheese because this one had it on. It actually tastes better, less oily without the cheese last time. It didn't need it. Delicious base and toppings.
9 aug 2019 om 23:00 Goed goed goed
9 aug 2019 om 10:13 Unfortunately one pizza the topping had come off and was spread all over the box. They could have been hotter.
5 aug 2019 om 20:27 Damn the vegan pizzas are goooooood!! Definitely using here again.
4 aug 2019 om 23:02 Lekkere pizzaatjes!
27 jul 2019 om 0:46 Food arrived 15 mins later than claimed. Quality of pizzas mediocre. Ordered Capriccosa and tartuffo pizzas, - the only difference between them was the artichoke, everything else exactly the same. Tartuffo didn't even have a hint of truffle. Disappointed.
12 jul 2019 om 8:39 Pizza was cold, we had to put it back in the oven as even the mozzarella was raw. The mascarpone in the tiramisu was not correctly mixed and there was no biscuit, just some strawerry jelly. It's a shame because I had these before and it was really good...
22 jun 2019 om 23:15 The pizza was COLD. This is simply not ok! How is it possible to get a refund ? Please advice